Adam Hemmer

Vice President

As Vice President of Real Estate and Development, Adam Hemmer is responsible for a wide variety of financial, strategic, and operational services for the company, including financial analysis for new developments and existing assets.

Adam’s background in construction, education in engineering and finance, and experience in real estate development provide an optimal mix of characteristics that allows him to focus on delivering the absolute best possible product.

Like many at Hemmer, Adam values relationships and strives to make Hemmer the firm of choice. Adam has a lot of experience on the development side of the business and is very enthusiastic about new opportunities. His analytical nature allows him to look at deal and capital structure and understand how to pull everything together. He excels at financial analysis and can tell very quickly whether a deal is viable. In construction, he has experience in all manner of projects including hotels, casinos, industrial, medical, and retail. For every new opportunity he has prior experiences he can draw on to lend expertise.

Prior to joining Paul Hemmer Company, Adam worked as a Development Manager and Cost Control Engineer, gaining a wide variety of experience in both the construction and real estate fields where he oversaw the development of projects representing a value of approximately $175 million and construction of $700 million.

Adam earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University.  He continued his education at University of Southern California, where he earned a Master of Business Administration, Finance and Master of Real Estate Development.  

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"I have an expectation with your company as I have had for over the past 20 plus years and I can assure you that this project was the best I have ever done."
-- Steve Stapleton, US Worldwide Logistics Inc.
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