Building on a foundation of experience

Nothing takes the place of experience when it comes to reducing risk in managing construction. Paul Hemmer Company’s accomplishments in the field span nearly a century, so its 21st century capabilities derive from a high level of wisdom that comes from experience and extend to strong partnerships that Hemmer has built with the best subcontractors in the construction industry.

Selecting a construction partner should be more than obtaining the lowest price. Quality and schedule are also critical considerations. When all is said and done, however, much of construction is about managing risk, and clients working with Hemmer can rest secure in their choice. Hemmer brings the experience of thousands of buildings and millions of square feet of space to each and every project it undertakes. It also brings tried and true methods and procedures that protect our clients’ interests at every corner, as well as a personal approach and tireless commitment to managing each client’s risk as if it was our own. This includes a cost control system that can be tailored to a client’s project specific needs and procedures that insure that budget is constantly monitored and managed.

Hemmer is accustomed to working on large projects with very tight schedules and is committed to working with its client to provide the earliest possible occupancy.  Hemmer will provide experienced, veteran field personnel at the project site to ensure that the work is progressing according to the plans. Its professional staff will supervise activities to keep everyone moving in the right direction at the right pace and will coordinate all construction activities; including trade contractors, control the shop drawing review process, change orders, project documentation, planning and coordination of meetings, minutes and reports, cost and schedule monitoring, safety, testing, start-up and turnover.

To that end, Hemmer entrusts work to preferred subcontractors that have demonstrated the experience and reputation it trusts. Subcontractors are qualified to assess their financial condition, safety record, insurance coverage, and other relevant factors before they ever step foot on the job site. One of the benefits of nearly a century in business is that Hemmer has developed a broad knowledge of, as well as strong relationships with best-of-class contractors throughout the region. Most have worked with Hemmer for years, which enables the company to assemble the best team for each project and ensures that work is done to Hemmer’s exacting standards.

The bottom line is that Hemmer can take care of everything, letting clients focus on their business knowing that the construction is in capable hands.

Hemmer’s construction services include:


•  Site, shell, and   building construction
•  Fixture, furnishing, and equipment installation

•  Building turnover and occupancy

Building operations & maintenance

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