Building value by design

With nearly a century in business, Hemmer has a strong reputation as an experienced building company. But today we’re so much more. Paul Hemmer Company is a professional service firm that transparently manages risk on behalf of our clients. Our business model is premised on leveraging our knowledge with other professionals that provide third-party objectivity… all with the primary goal of maximizing the value of each client’s investment. Our tireless mission is to become your trusted building partner.

Hemmer is typically hired for our construction expertise, and we certainly have it. But the benefits each client receives goes far beyond a contractor’s eye. Our in-house expertise is wide and deep, including aspects of the development process that are often provided by multiple professional service firms specializing in one particular service. From the very beginning, we can provide valuable insights about the entire life of a building – from the initial needs assessment to site selection, building operations, renovations and even future repurposing.

By partnering with Hemmer from the start, we can help you build value by design.

Planning and Feasibility
Businesses are always evolving. Markets call for new products. The economy shifts. Companies grow and change. Hemmer has been in business long enough to understand that buildings constructed today need to be flexible to meet the demands of that evolution long into the future. Hemmer creates buildings to have long lives, which can be renovated and repurposed for changes in the marketplace. We view each project as more than just a one-time, year-long endeavor; it’s a long-term investment that will last 50 years or more.

What’s more, we understand the impact that early decisions have on the longterm value and flexibility for future growth. Making the right decision early helps to eliminate costly changes in the future. The earlier Hemmer is brought into the process, the more significant of a contribution we can make to the project.

During introductory meetings, we find that most clients tend to focus on the cost of construction as opposed to the goals of the investment. Hemmer’s initial objective is to add clarity to help create the vision. Before we ever break ground, your Hemmer team considers the entire life cycle of the building and designs withthe goal of maintaining flexibility for future modifications.

Hemmer’s services include:
· Needs assessment
· Project programming
· Site evaluation
· Preliminary design
· Preliminary budgeting
· Value engineering
· Capitalization strategies
· Incentive investigation

Call us first. Let Hemmer put our expertise into our work so you can focus on yours.

For a recent project with UGN Inc., Hemmer helped realign a plan that had gone over budget. UGN is a world-class provider of acoustical solutions to the auto industry with a focus on just-in-time delivery. We were able to incorporate every important element of their initial plan, and helped value-engineer a building that ensures UGN has what it needs today and is poised to grow and change tomorrow.

The preconstruction process


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