Building value for the future

Things change. Businesses grow. Building codes evolve. The economy sprouts new sectors. Technology alters business and systems. Workforce expectations change and buildings must change to reflect new demands.  This is why Paul Hemmer Company is often asked to help its clients modernize spaces to make them more functional through redesign, repurposing, renovations and rejuvenation.

Capital improvements, like office renovations or the addition of employee areas can improve workflow, efficiency, and employee morale, which can also help to enhance the value of the property — as well as the business.

Whatever the scope or size, Hemmer has the knowledge and experience needed to make every project a success.


Capital Improvements:


–  Expansions
–  Renovations
–  Repurposing
–  Rejuvenation

Paul Hemmer Company completed an extensive renovation of the iconic 90-year-old Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky’s building in Devou Park, including state-of-the-art classrooms, a computer lab, and student-learning kitchen for the day school; a repurposed second floor to house administrative offices; and transformed the third floor into a first-class training and events center. Hemmer also replaced all the building’s systems, made the structure ADA-compliant, added a fire suppression system, and installed an elevator.

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