Keys to success… the Subcontractor Team

Have you ever watched a sporting event where one team seemed like they could not do anything right?  Unfortunately, construction projects can experience the same dysfunction, but a good team of subcontractors will make all the difference in a winning project.

A great construction manager is like a great quarterback or a great point guard.  Their success depends on getting the ball in the right hands at the right time.  However, the team’s ability to score is only as good as the team’s ability to execute.  That is why a great subcontractor team is critical to the success of a project.

What are the qualities of a great subcontractor team?

·         Passion — Great subcontractors are passionate about doing the job well.  Passion and positivity are contagious and can greatly influence a project’s success.

·         Quality—Passion leads to quality.  Subcontractors who are passionate about their work also focus on quality.  They know that spending a little more time doing things right the first time benefits everyone.

·         Proactive—Great subcontractors know how their work impacts the team and they strive to prevent issues as opposed to reacting to them.

·         Efficiency– Subcontractor teams that work well together have the ability to get things done more efficiently.

·         Speed – Efficiency also leads to speed.  The more often subcontractor teams work together, the more efficient the team becomes, which leads to projects being completed faster and lower costs.

·         Commitment to Safety – Subcontractors with established safety programs and a proven track record for safety creates confidence with the entire construction team.  No one should work in an environment where safety is not paramount.

·         Reputation – A subcontractor’s reputation is a good indication of performance.  It takes a long time to build a positive and lasting reputation but very little time to destroy one.  Subcontractors with good reputations stand the test of time and stand behind their work.

·         Synergy – Subcontractor teams that have worked together on past projects learn how to work together and help each other.  Projects that have the same team members are more likely to succeed.


The next time you are evaluating construction managers for an important project, spend some time learning about the proposed subcontractor team.  Have they worked with the construction manager before?  Ultimately, a great subcontractor team lowers the risk for both the owner and the construction manager.

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