Project Superintendent

The success of our company depends upon the efforts of each employee. Each employee shall be responsible for:

  • Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Maximum profitability

In addition to the above, each employee shall have duties specific to his or her position.  Superintendents will report to the Vice President of Construction and will generally be assigned responsibility for one project at a time.  The Superintendent will work with the Project Manager and be responsible for all on-site operations of the project from groundbreaking to final occupancy.  This responsibility includes all site aspects of the project including safety, schedule, and quality control.  More specifically, the Superintendent’s position includes the following duties and responsibilities:

Sales Support:

  1. Project Introduction: The Superintendent may be asked to participate in an introductory meeting with the client to meet the Project team.
  2. Project Schedule: The Superintendent will be asked to participate in the development of the project schedule. Competency with Microsoft Project is desired. This may include discussions with potential subcontractors for critical durations to incorporate into the schedule. Often this schedule will be established during contract negotiation and attached to the owner contract as an exhibit. The project schedule will also be attached to the subcontracts as an exhibit.

Project Start-Up:

  1. Owner Contract: The Superintendent will be expected to familiarize himself/herself with the owner contract to help ensure that all requirements are met. This includes requirements and obligations for scheduled milestone and completion dates, specific performance requirements including materials and quantities that may be spelled out in the contract.
  2. Start-up Meetings: The Superintendent will participate in a project start-up meeting with the internal Hemmer project team, so everyone understands the requirements of the contract. The Superintendent will also participate in a project start-up meeting with all the Subcontractors, lead by the Project Manager, to ensure everyone understands the timing and coordination of the events needed to meet the project goals.

Project Administration

  1. Safety: The Superintendent will be expected to complete OSHA training and carry a minimum of a 30-hour training certificate. He/She will make periodic inspections of the project site to see that all operations of the project are being carried out in a safe manner and comply with the recommendations and requirements of OSHA and any other safety requirements the client may impose for the site. The Superintendent will keep records of inspections, toolbox talks, and any other required safety documents for the projects and hold safety meetings as necessary.
  2. Schedule: The Superintendent is responsible for all day to day operations on the project. This includes coordinating all work by notifying Subcontractors in ample time to prepare to arrive on the site. He/She is to plan the work to minimize conflicts in the field and to maximize the efficiency of each Subcontractor as they work together. The Superintendent will be intimately familiar with the overall schedule to ensure all milestone dates are met, including obtaining the Substantial Completion and Certificate of Occupancy. The Superintendent will make sure all required inspections are completed and documented.
  3. Quality Control: The Superintendent is charged with keeping all project documents organized in the project office so that details can be referenced and verified in a timely manner. He/She will also be very familiar with all the drawings and specifications to have knowledge of how each phase of the project is to be constructed. The work of each Subcontractor is to be reviewed and check daily to make sure it complies with all requirements of the owner contract and Scope of Work in the Subcontract.
  4. Correspondence:
    1. Meetings – The Superintendent will hold weekly Subcontractor coordination meetings to schedule manpower and materials for the upcoming weeks. This involves leading the meeting and directing the plans for the upcoming weeks as well as taking notes to be distributing to all parties in attendance and all other parties as they need to know.

    2. Daily Reports – The Superintendent will fill out daily reports of all work completed on the site including documenting the number of workers, equipment used, visitors to the site, site/weather conditions and other items.

    3. Changes – The Superintendent will document, verify and signoff on any changes in the work. He/She will promptly notify the Project Manager of these changes so that costs can be tracked. Drawings also need to be marked for records so they can be updated at the completion of the project.

  5. Project Closeout:
    1. Punch List: The Superintendent will participate in compiling lists as necessary to assist all Subcontractors to complete their Scope of Work. Once the project is substantially complete, the Superintendent will participate in generating an official punch list for any work that needs to be corrected or repaired. It will be the Superintendent’s responsibility to see that all items on the punch list are completed and verified in a timely manner.


The person qualified for this position would also possess the following:

  1. Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, construction management or compatible major.
  2. Computer skills with software including proficiency in Word, Excel, Microsoft Project, Procore, Bluebeam and other office programs.
  3. At least five years of experience in onsite management and coordination of commercial and industrial projects involving the tasks as listed above.
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