The Lane Report: Tech Tools Prove Their Value

"In one day, they can pour maybe 1,000 yards of concrete, an acre or more of floor, with 10 to 12 men. In the past, a construction crew could only accomplish half as much space while requiring twice the men."

Robots and cobots, drones, autonomous and digital technology, and artificial augmented reality tools are speeding up project bidding for Kentucky’s construction project managers and contractors.

COVID-19 pandemic impacts have helped push adoption of new tools and processes, but the value proposition of more efficient new technology is a key factor as well.

“In the long run we have increased production per man hour,” said Paul Hemmer Jr., CEO of Paul Hemmer Company, a third-generation construction operation based in Fort. Mitchell, KY. “The cost of the equipment is high, but it is offset by savings. It’s an exciting time to be a builder.”

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