Building value for the future

Things change. Businesses grow. Building codes evolve. The economy sprouts new sectors. Technology alters business and systems. Workforce expectations change and buildings must change to reflect new demands.  This is why Paul Hemmer Company is often asked to help its clients modernize spaces to make them more functional through redesign, repurposing, renovations and rejuvenation. Capital …

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Building value for a lifetime

Paul Hemmer Company builds buildings for life. We understand that construction projects are a major investment, and that each project needs to be sustainable to produce long-term value. So, Hemmer considers the continuing operation and maintenance of each facility from the get-go, and Hemmer offers a complimentary an array of services to manage a building …

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Building value by design

With nearly a century in business, Hemmer has a strong reputation as an experienced building company. But today we’re so much more. Paul Hemmer Company is a professional service firm that transparently manages risk on behalf of our clients. Our business model is premised on leveraging our knowledge with other professionals that provide third-party objectivity… all with the primary goal of maximizing the value of each client’s investment. Our tireless mission is …

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